Grilled Tagine Chicken and Mesquite Potatoes

I made Daniel Boulud’s tagine over the weekend and had plenty of the spice mix left over so I decided to see if it worked as a rub for chicken cooked on the grill. Why indeed it did. Here it is with smoked potatoes also made on the grill. With the tiniest bit of

Victory Galette (aka Rustic Nectarine Tart)

Take that, you squirrel bastards! Yes, I hold a grudge. Last summer, I was about to harvest the first ripe nectarines of the season from my tree when I decided they could use one more day of ripening.  That night, the entire goddamn tree was decimated by

Naan Bread

For years, my husband and I have dreamed of having a tandoori oven in the backyard. And dream we still do. But, I have managed to manifest the biggest reason besides tandoori chicken to have one. Naan bread. This is so easy, especially since it uses a basic olive oil

Roasted Beets and Carrots with Shallot Confit Dip

This dip is an improvisation off a Travis Lett salad dressing that is amazing with kale. Tasting it for the first time, it faintly reminded me of French onion dip which I would eat by the bowl if no one was looking

Bourbon Soaked Prunes

Let me remind us all that prunes are dried plums. Extolling their virtues as a remedy to afflictions not to be named here (this is a food blog after all) has ruined the culinary reputation of these fine dried fruits. Thankfully, Sally Schneider has

Potato Galette with Shallot Oil

Potatoes, olive oil and salt. That’s it. This galette is the ultimate transformation of everyday pantry staples into culinary genius. Thanks NYT. If you have shallot oil on hand from my previous post, all the better. Replace the olive oil with shallot

Grilled Rosemary Lamb Skewers

Try as I might not to be a judgmental fuck, there are some things I just can’t understand. Like when people say they don’t like lamb. Bitch, please. Have you tasted it? “It’s gamey!” I’ve heard people say. No, it’s not. Maybe you were traumatized