Thai Steak Salad

This is a family favorite. All ye who enter through my dining room and have been served this rave about it. It is a go to for company because it is impressive despite the fact that it is dead simple.

Ricotta Cake with Figs

I improvised a cake today and, by God, it was delicious. This little triumph was much celebrated this afternoon by the whole family with a lovely cup of tea. Inspired by my neighbor’s ripe fig tree and my love of everyday cakes,

Waffled Hash Browns

After making Vanilla Bean Brown Butter Waffles for the first time, I went to bed dreaming of other ways to use my new best friend, the waffle iron. Went down the rabbit hole of internet searches and settled on this oh so simple and yet divine waffled hash brown.

Vanilla Bean Brown Butter Waffles

I have delayed way too long in getting a waffle iron. This recipe makes me weep for the lost waffle years I will never get back. Tweaked slightly from Serious Eats, this makes 6+ waffles in a 7 inch belgian waffle maker. I like uneven edges