Let the Fun Begin

I’ve been gardening for about 5 or 6 years. I started with zero gardening knowledge or experience, just a desire to have a bountiful supply of organic produce to cook with.  There’ve been endless mishaps and many baby steps to figure out what produces the heartiest plants and the tastiest vegetables. From containers to raised beds to enriching the existing soil. From organic fertilizers to compost tea to leaf mold.  From a few containers to a full on front and backyard urban garden. I was verklempt when I harvested 200lbs of tomatoes in one season and was decimated when squirrels nabbed every ripe nectarine on my tree overnight. (Little fuckers!) I squeezed in time when I could between raising two small kids and working. And to my great delight, it has become simpler and more effortless along the way. In Southern California we are blessed with year round potential but I have learned to reign in my enthusiasm to let soil rest, plant cover crops and rotate crops so that I am not pushing the soil beyond it’s limits.  I learned to respect the soil and properly feed it’s complex web micro-organisms. What I don’t know could still fill volumes but I’ve learned a ton from master gardeners all over the internet. And so it continues. I’m slowly moving closer and closer to bio-dynamic farming which in the end is infinitely easier and cheaper and expanding the scale of what I grow.  Wish me luck.



  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I want to be YOU!!! I also want to eat everything you make. xoxo