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The Joy of Leaf Compost

The Joy of Leaf Compost

If you told me when I was 20 that checking the rising temperature of a pile of leaves would be the highlight of my day, I would probably have said “shoot me now.” But it has happened and I don’t regret it. Geeking out on the insanely intricate and intelligent processes of plant biology brings me serious joy. Depression and anxiety fighting type joy. This crazy world temporarily seems to make sense kind of joy.

Leaf composting is just such a process.  When trees drop their leaves, they decompose and the nutrients they contain are returned to the soil. The soil in turn is made both nutrient rich for the tree to feed on but also for a host of micro-organisms that live in the soil and magically do all kinds of good things for it. Think worms and vermicomposting times a million. Mother Nature ain’t no dummy.


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