The First Salad of Spring

My husband likes to take the piss with friends back in Scotland by casually referencing our mild California winters. If you’ve ever been to Scotland, where I swear it rains sideways, you’ll know that a creeping damp cold plagues a good portion of the year. His favorite dig when he skypes home from California is that the morning was so cold he had to put socks on. So we can hardly complain about the weather. But as an east coast girl born and raised I do miss those unmistakable days of transition where you can feel the new season coming on. The way the light changes and the thaw of spring. The changing color of the leaves and sudden chill in the air in the fall. Instead, I content myself with the changing harvest from the garden to feel the passing of seasons.

I planted cover crops from December to early February to enrich the soil rather than keeping lettuces growing throughout the winter. So my first crop of lettuces and mixed greens as well as nasturtiums have come in just in time for the start of spring. I dressed them with a buttermilk/horseradish combo picked up from Amanda Hesser of Food52. I love this dressing and keep it on hand for a quick throw together salad.

[lt_recipe name=”Buttermilk Horseradish Dressing” servings=”Makes 1 cup” summary=”From Amanda Hesser” print=”yes” ingredients=”1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil;3 T red wine vinegar;3 T buttermilk;1 T Dijon mustard;1 T grainy mustard;1 T horseradish;1 T heavy cream;1/4 t salt;1/4 t pepper” ]Throw everything in a jar with a tight fitting lid and shake until emulsified. Stores in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. [/lt_recipe]